Hello all! Here is the board application for next year’s NSSA board! All positions are available (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Faculty Liaison, Student Council Representative, Outreach Coordinator). Descriptions for all positions are included in the application. Make sure to email your application by by Week 3 and prepare to give a 2 minute speech during the Week 4 General Meeting. We look forward to seeing your applications!

NSSA Officer App 18-19

Week 2 (New Grad Alumni Panel)


We had a great time listening to the experiences of some alumni from the graduating class of 2017, Andrea Kutcher and Sara Macleod! They gave us so much advice from test taking tips for the NCLEX to developing a type of routine during their shift!

Can’t wait to see you all during our Week 4 meeting where we will be holding our Clinical Skills Workshop!

Week 4 (Change of Major Information Session)


Thank you to everyone who came out to our change of major information meeting! We hope that you found it helpful and informational. Thank you to our Peer Academic Advisor, Anna Bunkers, for providing us with so much information and answering all of our questions. If you have any other questions feel free to message or email us. We hope to see you all at Week 6’s meeting about volunteer opportunities!

Week 2 (First General Meeting)


Catch us during Week 4 for our Change of Major Information Night!

Welcome to Fall 2017!

NSSA meetings will be held Monday of every even week at 6:00PM to 7:00PM at RH 114!

Hope to see you there!Thank you to everyone who came out to the first meeting! We’re looking forward to a great year!

Welcome to Spring 2017!

We’ve got a fun quarter ahead of us!

NSSA will be meeting on Even Week Wednesdays from 5-6PM in RH 114

Week 10 (6/7/17)

End of the Year Celebration!

For our last meeting of the year, come join us for our first ever Senior Night. We’ll be honoring our graduating seniors with a special surprise!

We’ll follow the NSSA Week 10 Tradition by watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Light meal will be provided. Bring your friends!

UPDATE: We had an amazing time celebrating! We surprised our seniors by honoring them with special NSSA graduation cords, the first NSSA cords in history!

Week 8 (5/24/17)

Let’s Talk: Peds!

It’s finally here! We’re wrapping up our Let’s Talk series with our Pediatrics Seminar. Our special guest speaker for the evening will be Sammy Normandin, RN, BSN.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sammy for speaking about the beauty of Peds and her experiences in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)!

Week 6 (5/10/17)

Back by popular demand, we’ll be hosting Round 2 of our Clinical Skills Workshop! Learn the foundations of Nursing and clinical skills, taught by seasoned Nursing students.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017-2018 NSSA Board!

Sam Lee, Co-President
Erika Alvarado, Co-President
Adela Feceu, Outreach and Communications Coordinator
Kelly Little, Faculty Liaison
Jamie Lee, Secretary
Ryan Batten, Treasurer
Summer Pagaduan, Nursing Science Student Council NSSA Representative
Jiyoung Kang, Nursing Science Student Council NSSA Representative

The new Board will begin their service in Fall.

Week 4 (4/26/17)

We’re having an Ice Cream Social in honor of Election Day! Make sure to stop by to cast your vote for next year’s Board and enjoy an ice cream sundae.

Week 2 (4/12/17)

Welcome to Spring Quarter!

We’re super excited to host our first CPR Workshop with Boriana and Nicole from NEO-OC! Come learn the basics of CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS).

UPDATE: Thanks to Boriana and Nicole for the awesome CPR demonstration and instruction! Visit them at


Applications for the NSSA Board 2017-2018 Elections are now OPEN!

Please email your completed application to by

Wednesday, April 19th

NSSA Officer App 17-18

Elections will be held during our Week 4 meeting (Wednesday, 4/26)

Week 10 (3/13/17)

Let’s Talk: Fields of Nursing

Nurses can work anywhere! Join us as we explore the different career paths and settings in which nurses make a difference.

Week 8 (2/27/17)

Let’s Talk: Clinical Rotations

This week, we’re talking about what you’ll need for a successful Clinical as a Nursing Student! All are welcome to attend!

Thank you to all who came to our Week 6 NSSA/ATD Self-Defense Workshop with special guests Nihon Karate Club!

Find more photos by checking out our Photos tab!


Week 6 (2/13/17)

You’re invited to our Self-Defense Workshop! All are welcome to attend! This is a free workshop hosted by both NSSA and Alpha Tau Delta (ATD), with special guests Nihon Karate Club.


Week 4 (1/30/17)


We had a successful Clinical Skills Workshop! Thank you to all who attended and learned Vitals, PPE, IVs, organizational skills (Nursing Brains), and more with us!

Week 2 (1/16/17)

Happy MLK day! Meeting for today is cancelled!

Join us for our Week 4 Meeting on Monday, January 30th at 5PM. Location TBA!

UPDATE: Location is Rowland Hall (RH) 108

If you’d like to become an official member of NSSA, we will be accepting completed membership forms + $10 dues during our Week 4 Meeting (1/30/17) only.


Welcome Back and Happy 2017!

We are looking forward to a great year with lots of new adventures, knowledge, and memories!

FALL 2016

Here’s what’s coming up! It’s going to be a really fun quarter. We can’t wait!


Week 10 (11/28/16)

Happy Week 10! We talked about Stress Management and Self-Care. Afterwards, we went to UTC for pizza and snacks!

Good luck on Finals!

Week 8 (11/14/16)

This week, we had a great discussion about pain: what are some signs and symptoms that may go unnoticed? What kinds of medications are usually given? What are some alternative, non-pharmacologic therapies?

Additionally, we talked about volunteering and other ways to get involved in the community.

Week 6 (10/31/16)

We’re hosting our Halloween Vitals Workshop!

We are super excited to be hosting this workshop on Halloween for the first time ever. Come join us for an evening of learning, fun, and yes, candy!

Week 4 (10/17/16)

We had our annual Change of Major Info Night and the turnout was great! We learned all about the process of applying to the UC Irvine Program in Nursing Science with Anna, our guest speaker and NSSAO Representative.

Special thanks to Anna for sharing about the Program with our members!

For more information about the UCI Program in Nursing Science, please visit

To learn more about the Change of Major process, visit

Week 2 (10/3/16)

Welcome to NSSA!! Thank you to all who came to our First Meeting at the Student Center!


Week 1 (9/25/16)

We’re having our Scavenger Hunt today at 7PM. Meet us by the fountain located near Yogurtland and Cha and make sure to bring a device that can take photos. See you there!

Week 1 and Week 2 Events

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth at the Involvement Fair! If you wrote down your email address, you’ll be receiving an email from us within the next few days or so.

Here’s what’s coming up the next few weeks!


We are so excited for our first event of the year, an awesome Scavenger Hunt at the University Town Center (UTC), and our First Meeting of the year at Pacific Ballroom C in the Student Center. We can’t wait to meet you there!

Welcome Week 2016
Hi Everyone! We’ll be having a booth at this year’s Anteater Involvement Fair in Aldrich Park (11AM-3PM). Our booth (D123 on the map) will be located near the Social Sciences and Phoenix Food Court.

Stop by to say hello and add a sticker to the field of Nursing that most interests you! We can’t wait to see which fields are your top picks.

See you there!

Processed with VSCO with n1 preset

Thanks to Rebekah (Co-President) and Sam (Faculty Liaison) for making our awesome interactive Nursing Fields board!

Week 10 (3/7/16)

Thank you to those who attended our Week 10 Meeting!

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 NSSA Board!

Co-Presidents: Rebekah Lieu and Sara MacLeod

Treasurer: Michaela Schwartz

Secretary: Olivia Quan

Faculty Liaison: Sam Lee

Projects Chair: Adela Feceu

Publicity Chair: Jiyoung Kang

Technology Chair: Sophie Parsh

The new board will begin their duties this coming Spring Quarter.

Week 8 (1/22/16)
Thank you to those of you who attended our Week 8 Meeting!

This week, we held our Board Elections!
We also discussed the topic of 12 hour Med/Surg Shifts, especially for third year Nursing majors.

Week 6 (1/8/16)
Thank you to everyone who came out to our Week 6 Meeting!

This week, we went to Berk Hall for a Skills Lab, in which we learned different Nursing Skills.

Week 4 (1/25/16)
Thank you to those of you who attended our Week 4 Meeting!

This week, all board positions were discussed in terms of what job each person is entitled to, and which positions are available to Nursing and other majors.

In addition, we created flu kits to pass out on Ring Road.

Week 2 (1/11/16)
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Week 2 Meeting!

This week, a guest speaker from the Hoag Hospital, Roya Mirilavassani, talked about its Health Scholar / Clinical Care Extender Program.
Roya Mirilavassani’s e-mail is

In addition, announcements about the flu kits, board elections, and the blood drive were made.
Flu kits will be created in our Week 4 Meeting, and board positions will be discussed in the next meeting as well.
The ATD blood drive will be on Thurs, 2/11.

Week 10 (11/30/15)

Thank you to those of you who attended our Week 10 Meeting!

This week, to relieve our stress from finals, we watched Episode 1 of Grey’s Anatomy, while having a potluck!

Good luck on finals everybody!

Week 8 (11/16/15)

Thank you to everyone who attended our Week 8 Meeting!

This week, an oncology nurse, Bernie Milbury, came in as a guest speaker.

This Thursday, we will be having a Blood Drive from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. Sign-ups will be done on Google Drive, which we will provide.
Members have also been assigned their families.

Week 6 (11/2/15)

Thank you to those of you who attended our Week 6 Meeting!

This week, NSSA, as a whole, walked over to the Nursing Building, Berk Hall, to see the hospital bed unit and the exam rooms. We learned how to position patients, change the linens with the patient in the bed, apply restraints, and how to interact with patients.

Week 4 (10/19/15)

Thank you to everyone who attended our Week 4 Meeting!

This week, we went over the topic of managing stress and the Change of Major information for people who are interesting in becoming Nursing majors. Tina Tran, one of the peer academic advisors came in as a guest speaker to explain the statistics, prerequisites and requirements in terms of the Nursing Application. Two students, who successfully managed to get into the Nursing Major, Rebekah Lieu and Thomas Nicholas, came in as guest speakers to talk about their experience as well. Eduardo, a 2nd Baccalaureate student, also talked about the different path he has taken to achieve his goal.

Dues will be $10 for the entire year. Please pay them by Week 6!

Week 2 (10/5/15)

Thank you to everyone who attended our first general meeting of the year!

This week, we discussed what NSSA is all about, introduced the 2015-2016 board members, had an icebreaker, and taught everyone how to take blood pressure.

In addition, we talked about a couple of upcoming events.
They include the Health Fair (Tues. 10/13), the CNSA Convention (Sat. 10/17), and the Bike for MS (Sun. 10/18).

Maureen Movius, who is a faculty advisor, came to our meeting as a guest speaker to introduce an interesting opportunity that students can take part of. Those who can make time on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be able to experience being pretend patients for the junior class.

Dues will be $10 for the entire year. Please pay your dues by Week 6 to be placed in families!

Week 10 (6/1/15)

Thank you to everyone who attended our Week 10 Meeting!

This week, we had a potluck, and watched the 3rd episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Week 8 (5/18/15)

Thank you to those of you who attended our Week 8 Meeting!

This week, we had a small icebreaker, and gave a presentation on the different pathways a Nursing Degree may take a student after graduation.

These positions include a staff nurse, a nurse educator, a nurse practitioner, a nurse anesthetist, a clinical nurse specialist, a certified nurse midwife, a case manager, and a manager or an administrator.

Other alternatives include a travel nurse, a research nurse, a military nurse, a nursing informatics, an entrepreneur, and a medical editor or a writer.

Week 6 (5/4/15)

Thank you to everyone who attended our Week 6 Meeting!

This week, a guest speaker came in to talk about the Clinical Care Extender Care Program, which can be found in various sites, such as Long Beach, Irvine, and Newport.  This program provides hands-on experience, professional development, leadership, networking, and employment opportunities.  Also, volunteers may choose to rotate every 3 months in comfort care.  A healthcare profession shadowing program is also granted.  Once the program is completed, a Letter of Recommendation is provided.

Requirements include being 18 or older, having done the immunizations, doing a 1 4 hr shift during the week, and etc.  Admission is done by an online application, a group interview, a 3 day training, post training exams, and more.  The deadline is every 3 months.

Down below are the links that contain information on the Clinical Extender Program.

Week 4 (4/20/15)

Thank you to everyone who attended our Week 4 Meeting!

This week we had our 2015-2016 Board elections.  Thank you to everyone who ran for a position!

Congratulations to our 2015-2016 NSSA Board!

Co-Presidents: Tiffany Chan and Mary King

Treasurer: Berlyn Mendoza

Secretary: Olivia Quan

Faculty Liaison: Sara Macleod

Projects Chair: Michaela Schwartz

Publicity Chair: Emily Grace Andrews

Technology Chair: Anna Kubota

Look out for more information on Facebook and email about our next general meeting Monday, May 4th.

Week 2 (4/6/15)

Happy Spring Quarter!  Thank you to everyone who attended our first meeting of the quarter.

This week we talked about running for a position on NSSA Executive Board.  Here is a description of the positions.  Please nominate yourself by Monday( 4/13/15) at 5pm by emailing with the position you’d like to run for.  At our Week 4 meeting (4/20/15), the nominees will present a 1-2 minute speech and then we will vote.  Good luck to all of our members who are running!

Week 10 Meeting (3/9/15)

We hope everyone enjoyed the last meeting of Winter Quarter!  Thank you to everyone who came and to those of you who brought food.  Look out for an email or on our Facebook page about our first meeting next quarter.  We will be discussing elections!   Have a great Spring Break!

Week 8 Meeting (2/23/15)

Thank you to everyone who attended our Week 8 Meeting!

This week, we gave a few tips for our Juniors before their first Med/Surg Clinical shift.  Here is the presentation if you couldn’t make it!

Next week will be our quarterly potluck and Grey’s Anatomy episode meeting.  Hope you all can make it!

Week 6 Meeting (2/9/15)

Thank you to everyone who attended our Week 6 Meeting!

Announcements: Winter Quarter Health Fair is Thursday, February 19, 2015 from 10am-2pm.  Stop by and visit the booth!  If you are volunteering at the Health Fair booth, please wear your NSSA shirt if you have purchased one.

This week we were lucky enough to have another guest speaker, Kim Sharoff, at our meeting.  Kim was a member of UCI’s 2nd graduating class of undergraduate nursing.  She talked about her experiences in the ICU at UCI Medical Center as a new graduate.

Next time we will be talking about how to prepare for clinicals in junior year.  Hope to see everyone at our Week 8 Meeting!

Week 4 Meeting (1/26/15)

Thank you to everyone who attended our Week 4 meeting!

This week we talked about the following specialties: blood pressure, personal protective equipment, steps for an IV, and baby swaddling/diaper change.  Each group visited stations in various parts of the room and learned about each specialty.  Here are some pictures from the meeting!

10952299_10153051593617188_4891489695427672561_n Blood Pressure

10959122_10153051593522188_4063989986878819286_n Personal Protective Equipment

10968508_10153051593497188_2497588678548007617_n Personal Protective Equipment

10514571_10153051593412188_3694842394945596502_n Baby Swaddling/Changing

10950663_10153051593357188_3785121403219771537_n Steps for an IV

14309_10153051593312188_99473901228088721_n  Steps for an IV

Next meeting we will have another guest speaker!  Hope to see you all there!

Week 2 Meeting ( 1/12/15)

Happy New Year and thank you to everyone who attended our first Winter Quarter meeting of the year!

We started off Week 2 by listening to our awesome guest speaker, Anne Rendeiro, who is currently in her 2nd year at UCI’s PhD Nursing program.  She gave us an insight about her studies and her experience in the nursing profession.

Also, during Week 7 (Feb. 19), we will be having our annual Health Fair!  Keep checking your emails and the Facebook page for a sign up sheet to volunteer!

Make sure to keep attending all of our meetings for a chance to win one of our custom NSSA t-shirts!

Hope to see everyone at our Week 4 meeting!

Week 10 Meeting (12/8/14)

Thank you to everyone who came to our Week 10 Meeting!

We enjoyed lots of cookies, chips, and popcorn while watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Good luck on finals and see you all in the new year!!

Week 8 Meeting (11/24/14)

Thank you to everyone who came to our Week 8 Meeting!

We had a great time listening to holiday music and making cards for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego!

We also found out the families that we will be in for the rest of the year!  You can find your name on the list.  If you do not see your name on the document, please let us know and we will place you in a family!

Week 10 we will have a potluck and watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  Come to de-stress before finals!  Hope to see you all there!

Week 6 Meeting (11/10/14)

Thank you to everyone who came to our Week 6 Meeting!

This week, we talked about volunteering and getting involved in the community.

Here is the powerpoint that we talked about in meeting. If you have any questions feel free to ask or email us!

See you all at Week 8 Meeting and good luck on midterms!

Week 4 Meeting (10/27/14)

Thanks to everyone who came to our Week 4 Meeting!

This week we talked about transferring into the Nursing Science major.

-Amanda, the Nursing Peer Academic Advisor, gave us a few tips about applying:

  • The program is looking for well-rounded students
  •  Volunteer in a healthcare setting to get a sense of what a nurse does and to make sure that this is what you want to do in the future.
  • Get involved in leadership roles
  • Don’t stress too much about the application process!


  • Answer as honestly as you can and try not to write about what you think they want to hear.


  • Due November 30th
  • Will find out if you got into the program by email before Winter Quarter to get into the correct Nursing classes.
  • GPA minimum: 3.0
  • Last year’s average GPA: 3.6
    • Don’t forget that this is an average!  There are lower GPAs and higher GPAs.
  • If you do not get accepted:
    • Stay in the major you are in
    • You can reapply the following year
  • Applying as a 2nd Baccalaureate
    • Requirements are the same
    • Prerequisites need to be taken within the last 5 years
      • If you took any prerequisites at a Community College, make sure to see if they match up with

-Mary and Nicole talked about their experience in changing their majors

  • A few people kindly offered to look over essay drafts
    • Nicole:
    • Mary:
    • Beatrice:

Make sure to also turn in your Membership forms and dues by Week 6!  Hope to see you all there!

Week 2 Meeting (10/13/14)

Thanks to everyone who came to Week 2 Meeting! Here’s a recap in case you missed it!


-Meetings will be every even week from 5-6pm in PSCB 140.

-NSSA is for students in the Nursing Science major and also students interested in transferring into the Nursing Science major

-We will be boothing at the iHealth Fair on Tuesday (10/14/14).  Thank you to everyone who signed up to volunteer!


Membership forms will be due by our Week 6 Meeting (11/10/14)

-$10 for the whole year

Vital Signs Workshop:

-5 vital signs: blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiration, and pain

-We learned how to manually take blood pressure with the help of some of our graduate students, John and Jessica

Next Meeting:

At our Week 4 Meeting we will be talking about how to transfer into the program.  Make sure to bring your applications and essays!  Hope to see you all there!

Fall Quarter Update

Fall Quarter Week 2 Meeting will be on Monday, October 13, 2014 at 5:00pm in Emerald Bay A in the Student Center.  This will be the only meeting in the Student Center!   Make sure to keep checking the website, Facebook page, and your emails for information about our upcoming Fall Quarter Meetings in PSCB 140 (right behind our room from last year!).

Take a look at the membership form too. It will be due at our Week 6 meeting along with $10 yearly dues.

NSSA will be taking part in the upcoming iHealth fair & we are eagerly looking for volunteers to take blood pressure! This is a great volunteer opportunity as well as good practice taking manual blood pressure. Other booths at the fair will have free food and fun activities! Anyone is welcome! Pacific Ballroom in the UCI Student Center on Tuesday, October 14th 10am-3pm. Sign up here!

Hope to see you all soon!

Week 10 Meeting! (06/02/14)

Thank you to all of our members who attended Week 10 Meeting!

We finished off the quarter by decorating cookies and watching the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

IMG_7807 IMG_7808

Towards the end of summer, make sure to keep your eye out for an email about our first Fall meeting!

Have a great summer!

Week 8 Meeting! (05/19/14)

Thank you to all of our members who attended Week 8 Meeting!

We talked about what things you might want to do over summer to prepare for fall quarter or to boost your resume.  Some things you can start are volunteering, getting certifications, looking for customer service jobs, and signing up for internships abroad.  More information is provided on the powerpoint slides.

Week 10 is Pot Luck/cookie decorating and Season 1 Episode 1 of Grey’s Anatomy (yay!).  Come relax before you take your last finals of the year.  If you would like to bring something, sign up here.

  Hope to see you all there!

Week 6 Meeting! (05/05/14)

Thank you to the members who attended our Week 6 Meeting!  We started the meeting by reminding those who are interested in volunteering at our El Sol Wellness Festival to email Heather Craun at  The event is on Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 11am-4pm.  Please email Heather by Monday, May 12, 2014!

We then had our guest speaker, Alison Holman, talk about her research and path to teaching at UCI.  Holman started as a Pediatrics ICU and Psych nurse and eventually became a Family Nurse Practitioner.  She is currently the Adult Mental Health professor, researching the effects of coping with trauma.

Week 8 we will be talking about volunteer opportunities over the summer.

See you all at our Week 8 Meeting!

Week 4 Meeting! (04/21/14)

Thank you to all members who came to our Week 4 Meeting! We started out today’s meeting with some info about an exciting upcoming volunteer opportunity at El Sol Santa Ana Science & Arts Academy – a local school in Santa Ana. The Wellness Festival is on Saturday May 17th, 2014. We will be holding shifts from 10am-5pm (check back for a google doc sign-up sheet). This is a great opportunity to meet some faculty, interact with the energetic kids, and gain some volunteer experience! Be sure to email Heather at if you are interested in volunteering! If you cannot attend on May 17th but would still like to help out, here are some things you can bring to our next meeting (Monday of Week 6) to donate: shoes, arts & crafts supplies, stickers, pens, toiletries, cosmetic bags, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, books, etc. Here is a flyer for the event: El Sol Wellness Festival.

We then held elections for NSSA board of 2014-2015! Thank you to everyone who ran for a position, it was great hearing everyone’s speeches & enthusiasm for NSSA. We value every club member’s contribution to NSSA & are very much looking forward to next year! We are happy to introduce your new board:

President: Beatrice Tsakoumakis

Vice President: Ashley Dang

Secretary: Mary King

Treasurer: Tiffany Chan

Projects Chair: Jawaher Karram

Publicity Chair: Michaela Schwartz

Faculty Liaison: Josiah Hoi

Technology Chair: Olivia Quan

See you all at our Week 6 Meeting!

Week 2 Meeting! (04/07/14)

Welcome to Spring Quarter!

Thank you to all members who have stuck with us for the whole year! Also, we’d like to welcome in anyone who is interested in joining for the quarter (and hopefully next year too!). Be sure to fill out our membership form and bring $5 dues to our next meeting (Week 4) if you would like to be a member for Spring Quarter 2014.

We then discussed the roles of each board position, and you can download the in-depth descriptions here: NSSA OFFICER APP 2014. Please email us at by this coming Friday (April 11, 2014) with your name, year, and what position you plan to run for. Also, prepare a quick 1 minute speech explaining why you think you’d be best for that position to present at our Week 4 Meeting.

We then met up in our mentor groups for the rest of the meeting. Remember, feel free to contact anyone in your mentor group with questions regarding classes, professors, nursing, or anything at all! Contact our President, Heather ( if you have not been assigned to a group! Have a great week!

Winter Quarter 2013:

Week 10 Meeting! (03/10/14)

Thank you to everyone who attended our final meeting of the quarter! At our week 10 meeting, the seniors were kind enough to share some tips about clinicals the juniors.

We look forward to seeing you all next quarter (Monday of Week 2, location TBA) where we will be discussing board positions for next year!

Next meeting:

Monday of Week 2 (04/07/14)

Location & Time: TBA (check back here for updates!)

Health Fair (02/25/14)

We’d like to thank all of our awesome members who helped out at our health booth this past Tuesday! It is great to see such enthusiasm promoting nursing on campus & we could not be more honored to have such dedicated club members. Be sure to check out the photos page to see pictures from the event! See you all at our Week 10 meeting where you can get more information about NSSA board elections for Spring Quarter!

Week 8 Meeting! (02/24/14)

PSCB 120 | 5 – 6 pm

Thanks to all our club members who attended our Week 8 meeting! Look out for an email regarding NSSA board elections, which are scheduled to be Week 2 of Spring Quarter!

Today we discussed the run-down of activities at our health fair (11 am – 2 pm) for TOMORROW! Set up is from 10-11 am on Ring Road outside of the Cross Cultural Center. You can sign up for shifts on our google doc here. We will be doing blood pressure readings, playing interactive health education games, and having prizes + free samples! Tell all your hall-mates/roommates/friends/family!

We also discussed a community service volunteer opportunity:

When: Sunday, March 9th

Where: Irvine Great Park

Time: Set up begins at 9:30 am – clean up (1:30-2 pm)

What: Helmet and concussion education to the community! It will consist of an “egg drop” activity, helmet raffle for participants, and a chance to educate your peers on helmet safety. All training required to volunteer will be provided beforehand. We need four people to volunteer, please let us know by TOMORROW (02/25) night by emailing our president, Heather (

Week 6 Meeting! (02/10/14)

PSCB 120 | 5 – 6 pm

Thanks to all our club members who attended our Week 6 meeting!

We had the privilege of having Professor Maureen Movius speak to us about her pathway through her nursing career as well as answer some questions about advanced practice nursing. She was kind enough to offer her contact info to answer any questions. She can be reached at

On February 25th (Tuesday of Week 8), NSSA will be holding our very own health fair booth on ring road in front of the Cross Cultural Center! Click here to sign up for shifts. Feel free to sign up for as many as you would like!

If you have yet to purchase an NSSA t-shirt & are interested in buying one, contact our President, Heather ( The shirts are $15 and would be great to wear to the health fair to promote nursing!

Here are the google doc spreadsheets for our mentor groups, please fill out your contact information!

Heather’s Group

Chloe’s Group

Matt’s Group

If you are unsure of which group you were placed in, you can find out here: NSSA Mentor Groups! If you did not get the chance to sign up, please email our President, Heather ( and you will be placed in a group.

Please join us for our Week 8 meeting where we will discuss the health fair in depth and complete any training required to help out. Never hesitate to contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Week 4 Meeting! (01/27/14)

PSCB 120 | 5 – 6 pm

Thanks to all our club members who attended our week 4 meeting!

NSSA T-Shirts are in! They are available to purchase for $15. We have a limited quantity, so be sure to get yours while you can! A photo of the design can be seen here.

At this meeting we were lucky to have Michelle Armendariz, who is a Clinical Care Extender at Hoag Hospital, speak to us about the volunteer program. As a volunteer in the program, one can get a lot of valuable experience at a variety of different hospital units such as Med/Surge, Oncology, Telemetry, Emergency Department, ICU, Labor and Delivery, etc. As a part of the program, the volunteer will learn patient interaction and gain hands on experience. At the end of the program, the volunteer is eligible to receive a letter of recommendation, depending on his/her performance. The program requirements and admission process can be found on their website. The next upcoming application deadline is March 31, 2014 and interviews will be held in April.

For the remainder of the meeting, we broke up into our mentorship groups. These groups are good for getting to know other nursing majors in your class as well as getting advice from upperclassmen nursing students. For students looking to transfer into nursing, this is a great way to gain some tips for transferring into the program. Since we are all taking similar courses, these groups are also a perfect opportunity to ask your peers about certain professors to take and how to study best in a class!

If you signed up on our google doc spreadsheet, you were placed in a group. If you do not know which group you are in, check the list here: NSSA Mentor Groups! If you did not get the chance to sign up, please email our President, Heather ( and you will be placed in a group. Here are the google doc spreadsheets for each group, please fill out your contact information!

Heather’s Group

Chloe’s Group

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Week 2 Meeting! (01/13/14)

PSCB 120* | 5 – 6 pm

Hi everyone! Happy New Year, and welcome back!

Thanks to all the friendly faces at our first meeting of winter quarter!

At this meeting, we discussed in small groups the various departments in which a nurse might work. We looked at how unique nurses are in different specialties and units  (just to name a few: Pediatrics, Labor & Delivery, Medsurge, Critical Care & Psych), and how their daily routines differ from that of other specialties.

Come to our Week 4 meeting to learn more about our mentorship program (sign-up: here), volunteer opportunities, and information about the NSSA-run Health Fair for this quarter!

 *Please note the room change to PSCB 120!

Fall Quarter 2013:

Week 10 Meeting Summary (12/2/13)

Donald Bren Hall 1500 | 5 – 6 pm

Thank you to those of you who came out to our 5th and last general meeting of the quarter! We were fortunate to have a guest speaker from Heart Shockers Education group speak to us about CPR and other basic life support classes. We then had a relaxing potluck to de-stress before finals.

Thank you to all of our members for making this a fabulous quarter for NSSA! Good luck on finals and check your email for updates on our Winter Quarter meetings!

Happy Holidays!

Week 8 Meeting Summary (11/18/13)

Donald Bren Hall 1500 | 5 – 6 pm

Thank you to those of you who came out to our 4th general meeting of the quarter! We discussed volunteer opportunities in the area and a few nursing student stories as well. Here’s a quick run-down if in case you missed the meeting:

  • Volunteer Opportunities:
    • UCI Medical Center
      • Barb – Director
      • 100 hour commitment for a letter of recommendation
      • Discharge patients, make packets, administrative work at different floors, after 35 hours you can transfer to another department or stay with volunteer services
      • Emergency Department is popular and UCIMC is a level 1 trauma center
    • HOAG – Clinical Care Extenders (CCE)
      • Fill out application
      • One-on-one interview and group interview
      • Must pass three training sessions and exam; at least 80% on multiple choice to pass, hands on exam
      • 4 hours per week
      • Need to be CPR certified; discounts are available
      • $100 non-refundable fee to volunteer
      • Assist nurses and aides
      • Observe invasive procedures
      • 230 hour requirement – includes the training, which is 30 hours
      • Depending on your performance, you may get a job offer
    • Kaiser Permanente
      • Kathleen Bunge – Volunteer Director
        • (best way to contact her)
        • (949) 932 – 2704
      • Contact Kathleen for information on how to apply
      • Pick department
        • Pre/post op, NICU, postpartum, ER, etc.
      • 4 hour shifts
      • Very flexible in transferring to different departments
      • 100 hour commitment
      • Free meal is provided before or after your volunteer shift!
  • Story time!
    • Senior nursing majors, Heather and Matt each shared a clinical story from their pediatric rotations

Week 6 Meeting Summary (11/4/13)

Donald Bren Hall 1500 | 5 – 6 pm

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 3rd general meeting of the quarter ! We very much enjoyed having a guest speaker, Anne Rendeiro, RN, BA, BSN, PHN, CCRN, who is currently enrolled in UCI’s PhD Program in Nursing Science. Anne has worked in multiple fields of nursing throughout her career thus far and has experienced just about everything one could think of, and more! She shared her insight in the profession as well as some inspiring and touching stories. Anne was kind enough to share her contact info if you ever want to get in contact with her:

Anne Rendeiro

(951) 667-5333

Dues were collected at the end of the meeting today. If you still have not paid your yearly $10 dues, please bring the money along with a filled out membership form to our next meeting!

Week 4 Meeting Summary (10/21/13)

Donald Bren Hall 1500 | 5 – 6 pm

Thank you to everyone who came to our week 4 meeting! We focused on how to transfer into the Nursing Science Program & heard from current students who went through the transfer process. Here is a quick summary if in case you missed the meeting:

  • Sign-ups for T-shirt orders with sizes: $15
    • See what our t-shirts look like here!
  • Review of UCI Health Fair and Rock ‘n Road Road during Week 3
    • Everything went well, thank you to all our members who volunteered!
  • Video on transferring into the Nursing Science Program narrated by Michael Tawney
    • Students may enter at the freshman and junior level
    • Review of Prerequisites
      • Can be taken at UCI or community college (refer to to see if course meets UCI requirements)
    • Transfer and 2nd Bacc Students
      • Online UC Application
      • Online Nursing Science Supplemental Application
      • Applications may be submitted between Nov. 1-30
      • 20-25% acceptance rate for upper division standing
    • Factors for Admission (more on the UCI Nursing Website)
      • GPA: overall and in science courses
      • Volunteer work in healthcare field
      • Brief essay
    • Students will be notified by the start of Winter Quarter of acceptance
  • Current seniors shared their experiences of transferring into the Nursing Program as juniors (Matthew Ly & Chloe Segismundo)
    • Chloe:
      • Volunteered and interned at Kaiser Permanente, volunteered at UCI Med Center, worked at children’s place which showed interest in pediatrics
      • Active member of NSSA since freshman year
      • Leadership roles in ASUCI
      • High GPA may not play a big role in admission if you have good volunteer/passion/drive in other aspects
    • Matthew:
      • Leadership roles and tutoring in high school
      • Community involvement
      • Went to outpatient clinic weekly as a patient
        • Beneficial because he was able to see nursing first-hand
  • Secret guest speaker: John Alejandro (Class of 2012, President of NSSA 2011)
    • Versant Program at White Memorial Center
      • Float nurse who worked at every floor
    • Ways to get jobs:
  • Raffle
    • NSSA T-shirt
    • NSSA Tote
    • Starbucks Gift Card
    • Peet’s Gift Card

Week 2 Meeting Summary (10/7/13)

Donald Bren Hall 1500 | 5 – 6 pm

Thank you to everyone who came out to our very first NSSA meeting of the 2013 – 2014 school year!  We look forward to having a great quarter with all new enthusiastic faces! Here is a quick summary if in case you missed the meeting:

  • Introduction of Board Members
  • Summary of NSSA:
    • Great for both Nursing Science majors as well as students interested in transferring into the Nursing Program.
    • We have a lot of community involvement and volunteer opportunities!
  • How to navigate through our website ( and where to come for a recap of past meetings (here!).
  • Application & Dues:
    • To download the membership form, click the link below. Please turn it in along with your $10 dues by our Week 6 meeting (Monday, 11/4) NSSA Membership.
  • NSSA booth at UCI Health Fair:
    • Wednesday October 16, 2013
    • 10am-3pm (can come and go any time)
    • Pacific Ballroom (in UCI Student Center)
    • We need volunteers to help take blood pressure
      • Other booths have free food, hand sanitizer, pens, highlighters!
    • Contact us if you would like to help out!
  • Summary of the five vital signs:
    • Pulse
    • Respirations
    • Temperature
    • Pain Level (on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most severe pain)
    • Blood Pressure
  • Physiology of blood pressure:
    • Normal is less than 120/80 mmHg
    • Greater than 120/80 mmHg is considered prehypertension – hypertension
    • Systolic: first sound you hear through your stethoscope (top number)
    • Diastolic: last sound you hear through your stethoscope (bottom number)
    • Always want to educate patients!
      • Best ways to reduce blood pressure: diet & exercise
  • Practiced taking blood pressure manually in small groups