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2 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Iraguha Bandora Yves says:

    Hello Dear follow Nursing Sciences Students in the NSSA, we are happy to join you here, and our main concern is to establish a certain pertnership with the Nursing Sciences Students in the University of California.
    Hoping you will be interested in engaging in this networking with the Rwanda Nursing Sciences Students.

    Iraguha Bandora Yves,
    Rwanda Nursing Sciences Students’ Organization (RNSSO)


  2. Varun Patel says:


    I am very much interested in joining this club. This is my first year here at UCI and I plan on transferring to the Nursing program however, im majoring in Bio. Id like to join this club to get an insight on Nursing and if there is an oppurtunity to volunteer, I would like to be part of that. Is there a way I can get dates and time on the club meetings.


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