Online Resources

Want to know more about Nursing? is a nursing and healthcare resource that is working to shape the future of nursing by helping prospective nurses find, enroll and finance their education, as well as providing a forum to support current nurses with their day-to-day activities and future aspirations. also offers insight into 13 other nursing specialties and recently, they have created a Labor & Delivery Nursing Guide that explores the career deeper than most resources online.

Interested in a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree? is an unbiased, comprehensive, free, and one of a kind resource to make planning a career a little easier for nurses interested in earning the most advanced practice-focused degree available in the nursing field. DoctorofNursingPracticeDNP offers state guides details the unique opportunities available to DNP-prepared nurses around the nation, career guides, salary data, a guide on how to successfully develop and defend a final DNP Project (Capstone Project) and more.